Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Amazons Attack! + Wonder Woman #8.

Here's what I liked about the issues:

1) Dodson's art in Wonder Woman #8; Woods' art in Amazons Attack!

2) That Hippolyta's first post-resurrection thoughts and words are about Diana.

3) Diana taking care of the guards, and then creating a tunnel with her fists. The Silver Age Superman used to do this all the time, and for some reason I think it's cool.

4) If the comic world is ruled by cross-over "events," it's somewhat nice that Wonder Woman is at the center of one of them.

What I disliked:

1) I know I sound like some kind of an extremist, or purist, here, but it bugged me that Nemesis rescued Diana.

2) The "light-hearted" banter between Diana and Nemesis bothered me, too.

3) Nemesis' characterization as a Wonder Woman fanboy who has his wet-dream fulfilled by his interactions with the real Wonder Woman just irks me.

4) The "I've fallen on top of you by accident but like it here" panel was lame.

I suppose I can live with the cold-blooded, murderous, rampaging "Amazons" in the first issue, so long as Diana comes through and makes all of this right in the end. (Unfortunately, I don't see how the resurrected Hippolyta has a long future in the new DCU.)

Very well summed-up, and I agree one hundred per cent. I'm sure Picoult is a fine novelist, but I feel she's littering WW with what amount to cheap gags.

I knew I'd be buying Amazons Attack! when I saw a preview of the art. Woods didn't let me down.
Yeah, for me the problem goes back to the "advice" that the Earth-2 Diana gave to Wonder Woman in Infinite Crisis ("Be human"). When I read that I was thinking: Come on, nice lady, you're stopping Wonder Woman from saving the universe so you can tell her this?
I'm pretending Earth2 Wonder Woman dropped an "e" and was trying to say, "Be humane."
That sounds right to me, KKG.
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