Thursday, October 18, 2007

Three Reactions

Spoilers follow in abundance.

Catwoman #72
To paraphrase Gabriel Garcia Marquez: never was the sundering of a mother-child bond more foretold.

Now that the character has been put through a soul-crushing, much-expected psychological trauma, can we all move on, now?

I'm going to pretend the whole "One Year Later" story-line never happened, and am using this as the image with which I move forward with the character:

The Brave and the Bold #7
A satisfying story teaming Wonder Woman and Power Girl, who join forces to save a Superman-in-distress. Like Starsky and Hutch, Martin and Lewis, and Abbot and Costello: two great characters that go great together.

My favorite line in the entire comic is Power Girl's "No" answer to Wonder Woman's exasperated question.

The Death of the New Gods #1
Upon discovering the body of his beloved, Mr. Miracle (understandably) begins to make use of the Anti-Life Equation, and then stops himself because, he realizes, Barda would not have wanted him to.

Scott, although you've pretty much been an exemplary husband up 'til now, you must realize that you can't really know what what Barda would have wanted unless you specifically asked.

I'm hoping, of course, that the impending changes to the DC universe fix this ... someway, somehow ... when the dust clears.

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