Thursday, November 16, 2006

Breaking Through

Two panels from Birds of Prey #100 made their way through the miasma of grading, event planning, student conferences, and committee meetings that presently has a grip on my brain.

Man, I enjoyed seeing these two panels to such an extent that they pretty much washed away the bad taste left in my mouth from reading Supergirl #11.

First, there's Big Barda introducing herself to Kate Spencer:

And, most pleasurable of all, this month's Birds of Prey provides a modern updating of an iconic WWII-era image:

OK, I flipped through BoP, so I was kind of wondering why Power Girl seemed so ticked at getting an invitation from Oracle?

I know PG has showed up a couple times in BoP, did Babs hang her out to dry?
Hey, Calvin!

Yeah, back in the day when PG was an operative for Oracle a situation arose in which PG could either save a single politico or a (literal) boatload of innocent civilians (men, women, children ... the whole kaboodle) — Oracle made her save the politico, which PG seems never to have forgiven her for.
That story takes place in BOP #4q2, Calvin, just in case you wanted to read it for yourself. It's one of the best issues of the series, IMO.
As usual, a helpful LJ user has provided the goods.
I also loved that Zinda panel! It was one of the things that made the issue for me. It's so her; both aggressively sexy and sweetly old fashioned.

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