Monday, July 30, 2007

Gail Simone at the Con

Gail Simone fielded questions about Wonder Woman during various panels at the San Diego Comic Convention; my anticipation for her run on the title has been heightened even further.

I've reproduced my favorite responses, here:

— During the Big Guns panel, "Gail Simone was asked about her upcoming Wonder Woman run, and replied that she'll establish that the lasso is one of the [most] dangerous weapons in the DC Universe and that they'll make it clear 'who Wonder Woman is.'"

— "Another question for Simone is what she was planning on doing to establish Wonder Woman at an equal 'big gun' level to Batman and Superman.
'We are going to establish that she is the greatest warrior on Earth,' Simone answered."

There were several jokingly-posed questions about who might be killed off in the impending final crisis, which then prompted the following query (and Simone's priceless answer).

— At the New Worlds Order panel a fan asked the panel who they didn't want to kill. Here's what Gail Simone said in reply:
"I would protect every female character in the DCU."

>>"I would protect every female character in the DCU."<<

God, I love this woman.
Not surprising. I mean, this IS the woman who coined the term "Women In Refrigirators".
Tamora: I couldn't agree more. (And I should mention that I'm really looking forward to White Tiger #6.)

Starman: While I'm not surpised, I think her Con statements are still notable because: (1) Gail Simone has always been fabulous, but now she's achieved the status of one of DC's creative "big guns," and (2) it's good to have one of those big guns publicize her views about the DCU's female characters in such a very public forum.
GOOD >:|

Only Nightwing need die in the next crisis! XD
Bite your tongue!
Ami :: (And I should mention that I'm really looking forward to White Tiger #6.)::

That makes three of us, Ami! :D We're still waiting to hear back from our editor at Marvel regarding when WT#6 will actually, finally come out - given when we submitted the final color notes script back in May, we were told the Trade Paperback(!) would be out "sometime in July or early August"....

Tim Liebe
WHITE TIGER co-writer
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