Monday, May 07, 2007

Reading Habits

I've been enthralled by two sketchbooks:

James Jean, Process Recess: The Art of James Jean, (Adhouse Books, 2005).
Gary Panter, Satiro-Plastic: The Sketchbook of Gary Panter, (Drawn & Quarterly, 2005).

These magazines devoted to sketches and drawings have provided hours of pleasure:

Uovo: Drawing 2004-5, three (fat) volumes.
Esopus #6: Process (2006)
Graphic #10: Diaries, Notebooks, and Sketchbooks (2006)

And I've been reading these books:

Tara McPherson, Lonely Heart: The Art of Tara McPherson, (Dark Horse, 2006).

Marina Abramovic, The House with the Ocean View, (Charta, 2004); and Seven Easy Pieces, (Charta, 2007).

Cindy Sherman, The Complete Untitled Film Stills, (Museum of Modern Art, 2003); and A Play of Selves, (Hatje Cantz, 2007).

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