Friday, April 13, 2007

Serious Talk in She Hulk #17

During the pillow-talk following her sexual encounter with Tony Stark, the She Hulk poses a crucial question:

Those are powerful lines to read in a comic book: When I do it, they call me a skank. Isn't that a double-standard?

Unfortunately, the creative team seems to think that posing the question is enough, because the following panel kind of undermines what is an important exchange between Stark and the She Hulk.

I mean, did the artist really have to follow Jennifer's question with a crotch shot?

(What's more, although the reader gets to see her crotch, her face is obscured by her leg.)

For my money, I would have loved Tony Stark to have responded with these lines of dialogue: Jennifer, did you read Civil War? This bed has only got one skank in it, and that'd be me.

wait a minute, this part of the history is totally unknow to me, I don't know that She-Hulk and Tony....lucky bastard, definitely in Tony we have a total heart breaker.
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