Saturday, April 21, 2007

Book Love

JLA # 8 delivered this nice set up the upcoming JLA/JSA crossover:

Other stuff happened, but the high point for me was the exchange between Batman and Power Girl on the splash-page:

Why did this exchange lead me to geek out?

(1) It's two superheroes discussing a book.
(2) They're discussing a seventeenth-century book!
(3) Power Girl collects early modern books on siege warfare.

She's not cramming on siege warfare, mind you, she's just improving her collection.

She just moved up on my "favourite superheroes" list.

I'm planning on building a trebuchet this summer with the kids. Just a wee one. Wonder if she'd have any tips?
I loved that exchange also.

And trebuchet is a fun word to say. Hee.
Dawn: PG would definitely assist in any way that she could. (Please post photos of the finished product.)

Nida: Ha! Your comment rhymed!
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