Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Pause That Refreshes


Birds of Prey #104 provided me with just about everything I want in a comic:
— Nice writing, pacing, and plotting.
— Storytelling through characterization, with art complementing this.
— Headliners acting totally badass.
— A surprise guest star who grabs the spotlight, and then just as easily gives it back.
— Over-the-top, totally justifiable violence, with attendant excessive property damage.
— A ball scene, with men and women appearing in formal wear.
— Grudges put into place, with long-term enmities set into motion.

And for good measure, the writer threw in a final splash page that made me want to paraphrase Patton: Simone, I found myself muttering, you magnificent bastard ...!

Bonus: MEGA-ROD!
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