Saturday, March 24, 2007

Eisner 2.0

I have been greatly enjoying Darwyn Cooke's new Spirit series; issue #4 came out this week, (re)introducing the hard-as-nails Silk Satin.  It just so happens that I picked up one of the Kitchen Sink Spirit color reprints last week (for 25 cents!), which included one of the Satin stories from 1946.  

Here are the wonderful panels in which she makes her entrance:

The Kitchen Sink reprint, published in 1983, sports a new cover by the master himself.  Given the time difference, this artwork could be considered Eisner v. 1.5:

Although it's an effective cover, it's clearly a take on a manly-man saves the busty babe with torn dress archetype.

Finally, here's Cooke's cover, which leaves no doubt that this is Eisner v. 2.0:

In this take on the same archetype, Satin carries the Spirit.  

The issue is narrated by her, as well.

Ooo, thanks for posting the cover from the older book. I'd thought the current issue looked familiar. :)
Hey, Shelly!

No problem.

And I really liked the review of this issue that you posted on your blog.
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