Monday, December 04, 2006

No Respect

Rogue, I appreciate that the laws of bad-assery require you to face overwhelming threats with light-hearted banter, but, being a true son of the City of Caesar, I've got to say that this one hurts.

I'd feel sorry for you, but being Polish, I've been on the receiving end of way too many unwarranted, culturally-specific jokes. I think she may have been trying to pick a state that was small but not too small. And its highways are awful.
Try looking at it this way: Rogue knows they can't win, so they offer the finest city on Earth to these Kindred, hoping that they'll be so awed by the generosity, that they will either a) be content with that and stop the conquering, or b) drop their guard so the X-Men can sucker punch them.
KKG: I know, I know ... I'll stop with the whining.

Calvin: You're a mensch!
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