Monday, October 09, 2006

Professor Chaos

During a brief break in the incessant paper grading that presently fills my days, I purchased this handsome set of South Park coasters at my local 5 Below store.

I am presently investigating how I might aquire a set of Professor Chaos kitchenware and matching embossed stationery.

Excellent taste you have there! In shocking news, my hubby and I own the exact same set!

If you do find the Professor Chaos kitchenware and matching embossed stationary,I am there! :-)
My favorite coster of the set is Timmy!

Livin' A Lie! Timmy! ;)
Heidi: Shocking! I'll certainly let you know if I succeed in hunting down the other items.

James: Yeah, there's no mistaking that Timmy's cool.
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