Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Necessary Point

From Koben Kelly's "Best Shots" review of Gen13 at Newsarama:

With the majority of the team being female, I am satisfied with Wildstorm choosing the industry's top female writer to helm the book. It seems only logical. I look forward to her insights unavailable to the title's previous scribes.

Although this comment doesn't anger me so much as Kelly's earlier Simone-related commentary ("GS ... proves herself as the leading female in the industry ..."), it irked me nonetheless.

Man, it's very simple: good writers are good writers. They can write anything and anyone.

Gail Simone is to DC as Ed Brubaker is to Marvel.

She should eventually be writing the company's elite titles, whether they've got any women in them or not.

Yeah, Gail should be writing a flagship title, something like Action Comics. Why won't DC let her write Action Comics?

...wait what?
Dude, get a grip. Reality dictates that a woman would have a better PERSPECTIVE on female characters. If you can't see the logic in that, you're being willfully obtuse. It doesn't make her a better writer, it just gives her more insight into the female characters than a male would have.

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