Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day, 2006

From The Adventures of Carrie Giver #1 (TR Rose Associates).

Last month Jennifer Contino interviewed Theresa Funiciello and Diane Pagen, the writers of Carrie Giver at The Pulse.
THERESA FUNICIELLO: ... I have cared for my own child as well as a dying parent in my own life and know that both are work, even though the paid market system ignore both as having any economic value. A full comprehension of the role of caregiving in society would change many, many things.

DIANE PAGEN: Carrie Giver is influenced by the thousands of women we have talked to who have felt that society pats them on the head for their caregiving but doesn’t acknowledge its enormous economic value (or make economic policy that rewards it). Because of this insistence that caregiving is a warm fuzzy thing that falls outside the "market", women, especially mothers, are always behind men weathwise. Professional women who step out of market jobs to give care as well as low income women who feel they are the best chance for their kids so choose to stay home are given the shaft in this economy every day. Carrie is therefore a mix of many women. She’s like Wonder Woman in that she definitely is not about to kill anybody, but she is an advocate for large scale policy change that will help millions at once, rather than just saving individuals.

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