Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Earth's Mightiest ... Heroes

Pairing up with writer Brian Michael Bendis, the mastermind behind 2004's massively successful New Avengers, Cho says he adds one very important ingredient to the legacy of Earth's Mightiest Heroes: "Boobs." Wizard #179, p. 40.

I write not to criticize Wizard magazine or Frank Cho, that's been done here. I merely wanted to make an observation:

Justice League of America, pencilled by Ed Benes.

The Mighty Avengers, pencilled by Frank Cho.

The premier superhero team books published by DC and Marvel will be pencilled by cheesecake masters. (The Mighty Avengers will be the post-Civil War iteration of the team.) Hopefully this arms race will not be operating under the doctrine of mutually assured destruction.

Benes, at least, is on record saying he will be trying to restrain himself. ("I always try to make the superheroines as beautiful as I can, but the cheesecake days are over. This is a whole new game for me — it's the JLA." Wizard #174, p. 50.)

Thank goodness the idea of another Bendis written team book had already convinced me to give Mighty Avengers a pass, or I'd be really annoyed by Cho's comment.

But maybe he was just kidding, playing off people's expectations (crosses fingers)?
Well, I did see Benes' preview pages and he's seems to be upping the beefcake to compensate. I swear, that's the first time I've EVER seen closeups of Superman's chests where the details on the pecs really did overpower the symbol.

Anyway, I read Benes Supergirl (when PAD was writing) and while he's capable of not interrupting the story, I'm glad he has it in mind to restrain himself.

I'd feel better with preview pics of more women than just Diana, though, to be sure.
Calvin: In the article, Cho seems to relish his reputation as deliverer of choice goods to drooling fanboys. It's impossible to tell if he's being ironic ...

I wonder, though ... how much of a distinction is there between an artist who is being ironic as he throws the red meat out to the fanboys, and one who does it with a straight face?

Ragnell: Yeah, I went back and looked at Benes' preview images, and his Superman does indeed have some unbelievable pecs. Perhaps there will be cake for all.
Benes' Superman run seemed to bend over backwards for excuses to cram cheesecake shots of Lois or the new villainess in every issue.
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