Monday, July 10, 2006

A Cold Case Re-opened?

What follows is the fifth in my collection of previously posted open questions:
In the alternate time-stream depicted in the "Absolute Power" story-line from Superman/Batman, Superman murdered that universe's version of Wonder Woman. Shouldn't he be held accountable for that crime in some way?

Supergirl #7 opens a narrative door that just might allow for the question to be answered yes.

The image on the issue's final splash page makes it reasonable to assume that Kandor's evil Kal-El is actually the "Superman" who perpetrated the act of which I spoke.

The DC webpage informs us that the next issue will include both the marriage of Supergirl and a battle to the death with Power Girl.

So I carry the following questions to the next installment of Supergirl:

— Do Kryptonians believe in divorce?
— Can Power Girl and Supergirl avoid killing each other?
— Will evil Kal-El get what he so justly deserves?

I hope all three will be answered yes.

Hmm. I had a friend who suggested it was Ultraman of the Crime Syndicate being manipulated by Saturn Queen (the lady watching from way up high). Of course, if it is Saturn Queen, evil Superman would make more sense. As to your questions:

- No. Divorce is wrong. Getting filthy with cousins is perfectly normal.

- They probably can, but I hope Power Girl can't avoid killing, because this Supergirl has been such a disaster so far.

- Probably not, but I'm a cynic. I actually think Power Girl is going to fight Supergirl because S-Girl wants to kill him and Power Girl just wants to stop him.
I second the Ultraman/Saturn Queen idea.
- They believe in divorce, killing babies, humping cousins, and whatever else Joe Kelly thought up this week.

- I also they they CAN avoid it, but I'm hoping that Power Girl creams Supergirl.

- I like Ultraman. He's my favorite Evil-alternate-Superman, so does he deserve a sexing?
I'm with you both on identifying the Saturn Queen. However, SQ calls evil Kal her son on the final page, Anonymous, which seems to underscore the adoptive parent/child relationship set up between the two in Superman/Batman "Absolute Power."
Whatever is going on, it's a lot more sick than anything we saw in the Silver Age.
That's for sure. I'm assuming there'll be some form of narrative pull-back from the ickier things in #7: we might learn that Supergirl was mind-controlled when she kissed evil-Kal; her father's screw-up of her brain before she left Argo was deeper than we knew, etc. I'll grant that this'll be a small balm on a pretty big wound, though.

Power Girl's ineffectiveness in this title has also been a bummer.
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