Thursday, July 20, 2006

Catwoman/Squirrel Girl

(Spoilers to Catwoman #57 and Cable and Deadpool #30 follow.)

Here are a few important questions to which we now have definitive answers:

(1) Will Helena's baby-sitter Miranda, introduced in Catwoman #55, turn out to be a psycho-baby-killer?


(Though, to quote Ricky Ricardo, Selina clearly will have some serious 'splainin' to do.)

(2) Can Selina Kyle beat the crap out of two menacing men while holding her recently-born child (and fighting most of the time with one of Angle Man's razor sharp triangle-doohickies jammed into her heel)?


(3) Can Squirrel Girl kick Deadpool's ass?


(4) Has Squirrel Girl registered under the Superhero Registration Act?


With reference to number (4), I know that Squirrel Girl's actions might make some of you doubt my contention that Squirrel Girl will prove to be the key player on the anti-registration side of Marvel's Civil War.

Though I can understand why some readers might be dubious, I stand firm in my belief and end with a single comment: the ways of the squirrel are subtle and strange.

Catwoman was way nifty this week.

I had never heard of Squirrel Girl before. But I am now a fan.
SG deserves her own comic; GLA Misassembled is an excellent TPB.
Squirrel Girl rules the school.
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