Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Miriam Katin

As part of the First Person Arts Festival, Miriam Katin will be speaking about her graphic memoir We Are on Our Own tonight in Philadelphia. (Barnes and Noble, 1805 Walnut Street at 7PM.)

Here's D&Q's brief description of the memoir:
In this captivating and elegantly written graphic memoir, Miriam Katin retells the story of her and her mother's escape on foot from the Nazi invasion of Budapest. With her father off fighting for the Hungarian army and the German troops quickly approaching, Katin and her mother are forced to flee to the countryside after faking their deaths. Unable to tell anyone of their whereabouts, they disguise themselves as a Russian servant and illegitimate child, while literally staying a few steps ahead of the German soldiers.

Several years ago I read Katin's marvelous short piece "Oh, To Celebrate!" which appeared in Drawn & Quarterly volume 4, (D&Q, 2001). (The image is from that story.)

Based on the strength of that work, I'm looking forward to reading the memoir, and to seeing her presentation this evening.

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