Friday, June 02, 2006

Disaster Averted!

In a piece up at Newsarama, Dan DiDio has announced the un-cancellation of Manhunter. Although the promise of renewed life extends only to a five issue story arc, there's hope for a more permanent revival.

This is very welcome news.

Here's what DiDio said, in the heart of the article:
"We're creating an arc that will run another five issues, and we're hoping that there will be a groundswell of excitement from the fan base that will help drive the sales and push them up, and help this book keep going from there," Didio explained.

"We're making the official announcement at the DC Nation panel at WizardWorld this weekend, and here, right now," Didio said when asked how he's going to make sure the word reaches all ears. "I'll also be dedicating one of my weekly DC Nation columns to the return of Manhunter, and one of the things we're all going to do is make sure we take every opportunity we can to get things right. We're looking at the book coming back in October or November, depending on how quickly our plans come together, and we'll make sure we'll have some promotion tied to those five issues when they're coming out."
Now that the gauntlet's been thrown down, I eagerly await a reciprocal announcement from Joe Quesada about Spider-Girl.

Well, if there ever was a time for them to "earn" that "House of other People's ideas" label that's been slapped on them, this would be it.
All we've gotten so far is this, from Comics Continuum's coverage of yesterday's "Mondo Marvel" panel at the convention. (Newsarama's piece on the panel didn't report this.)

"Brevoort on the future of Spider-Girl, which is ending its current volume with #100. "Hopefully, we'll have something to say about it real soon," he said, adding that Spider-Girl readers are the most vocal -- and more importantly, active -- fans that Marvel has."
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