Thursday, May 04, 2006

Unicorns ... Now Ghosts?

A page from JSA #85; Stargirl and Power Girl confront the Gentleman Ghost. Important action: Power Girl is able to land blows upon Craddock, while Stargirl flies right through him. When Power Girl asks, Do you want to explain that? Craddock replies:
Indeed I do not, Power Girl--for I am far too much of a gentleman to comment on such matters.
When I read this page on the train yesterday afternoon, I actually said Wait...what? out loud.

So the list of entities that can be relied upon to detect, and react to, female virginity now includes highwaymen ghosts and unicorns? I don't know about you, but I buy my comic books for reasons other than the nausea that I experienced when I read this.

Maybe I'm over-reacting, here, and rather than possessing a virginity-meter, ghosts simply interact differently with women who have given birth to a child, since Power Girl did experience motherhood following her wonderfully empowering mystical pregnancy.

Oh, and I was planning to include an additional Power Girl item from Supergirl #6 here, but Ragnell's already got the goods over at The Written World.

Huh, I actually thought it was a reference to her Earth 2 type origins...

Though it would be interesting to see which men could hit him or not...
I don't know enough about her backstory to comment. But, my first thought was to snark about her boobiecostume being the reason. That'd be boring and so predictable of me, so I won't.

Of course, now I'm confused because I just read Supergirl and Powergirl is there - so how can she be here? Silly me.

Btw, doesn't she look like Colonel Etta Candy in the last panel?

Unicorns are nice.

I think the cold medicine is getting to me...
Reading that panel, I had no clue.

You'd think he'd be enough of a gentleman not to even hint at those kind of private matters, if that's what he meant.

Gentleman Ghost my ass. And that seems like a lame weakness.
Kalinara: I thought the same thing at one point-- Earth-2 origin provides a logical explanation. However, the phrasing of the Ghost's line places other considerations on the table.

Nida: I suppose the ability to appear in two places at once is a fringe benefit of superhero-dom. And yeah, there is a resemblance to the EC there--especially around the eyes.

Calvin: I agree with you on all counts.
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