Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Sisters, They Are Powerful

Alison Dare and the Heart of the Maiden (written by J. Torres, drawn by J. Bone; Oni Press, 2002) builds nicely on the conventions of the academic-adventurer genre, with a special nod to the Indiana Jones films. Given that the plot is set at a Catholic girl's boarding school, Hayley Mills' The Trouble With Angels (1967) is another crucial reference point.

In issue #1 there's a throwdown between a band of platitude-spouting ninjas and some disguised, sword-wielding nuns. Although its usually foolhardy to predict a positive outcome whenever ninjas are thick on the ground, anyone who's spent even a short time matriculated in a Catholic grade school could tell you how this battle would come out in the end.

After the ninjas vanish, Alison and her friends are understandably filled with questions.

Stupid ninjas. In my old neighborhood, there were two things we were taught not to mess with: there was the union, and there was the nuns.

Thanks for the flashback. I loved Alison Dare, that series is due to be rediscovered in bookstores!
No problem, man. I enjoyed the series immensely, too. Sad to say, but I found my heap of treasured Alison Dare comics in my shop's 25c bin.
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