Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Significant Day

While there's all manner of interesting information derived from the July issue of Wizard (#177) to report upon, (most of it pertaining to the upcoming Wonder Woman relaunch), it will all have to wait until later in the week.

Because today is one of those singular days.

For on May 31, 1986, my wife and I were married in New York City.

How swiftly time doth pass away
Where happiness completes the day.
Weeks, months, and years but moment prove
To those that nobly are in love.
This computations only known
To them that our pure flame can own.
Succeeding years example take
By those are past; their numbers wake
Envy, whilst with a will resigned
No will is known til th'others mind.

— Gertrude Thimelby, née Aston (c. 1615-c.1670), To Her Husband, on New Year's Day 1651

From J. Stevenson and P. Davidson, (eds.), Early Modern Women Poets: An Anthology, (Oxford UP, 2001), pp. 255-6.

Congrats. Hubby and I celebrated 20 years last summer. It's a nice number to reach. Good luck on the next 20! :)
Congratulations :)
Thanks, Shelly and Nida!
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