Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spoilerless Praise

Just when I had grumpily convinced myself that Infinite Crisis #7 would probably disappoint me rather than anything else, Gail Simone's Villains United Infinite Crisis Special appeared in my comic store, and reading it has turned everything around for me.

The book has single-handedly rekindled my interest in the entire endeavor.

Good comics work in the same way that good movies, novels, and oral story-telling work: VU is masterfully paced and plotted, the characterizations are spot-on, and GS displays a very nice sense of timing.

On the last point, I'm not just talking about a big reveal in the final pages (though there is one), but rather the careful way in which a good writer will choose exactly when and how to feed us the information, character moments, and plot developments that comprise her narrative.

Yeah, I just went ahead and spoiled it on my blog. I couldn't help but be smug over the fact that I TOTALLY CALLED IT!


Anyway, yeah that issue was incredibly kickass. Is it next Wednesday yet?
You did indeed call it, man, in your post on that panel from Manhunter #20.

Yeah, GS's IC Special is definitely the perfect lead-in to the final issue. It's like having the Alamo, The Wild Bunch, Thermopylae, The Seven Samurai, and High Noon all rolled into one!
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