Friday, April 21, 2006

I Love the 80s

They Knew How to Make Ads, Then

I found 6 or so issues of The New Adventures of Superboy from the early 80s in the 25c bin at my comic store. (The only way I could explain this was that the direction taken by Infinite Crisis must have driven some crestfallen Superboy fan to distraction.)

As yet I've only read the ads, and, in addition to several of those Hostess Cakes pages which depict superheroes capturing villains distracted by the orgasmic goodness of twinkies and cup cakes, this priceless OJ Simpson endorsement was in evidence.

Dingo kids?

You are cracking me with these old ads. And to think I used to read pages like this as a kid. Explains quite a bit, I think.
N., I wanted a pair of those boots when I saw that ad back in the day.

I study the ads in these old ones before doing anything else. (The letters pages are precious, too.)
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