Monday, March 20, 2006

Many Wonder Women, IV

First, a vital piece of information which bubbled to the surface during the "DCU: One Year Greater" panel at Wizard World LA (via Newsarama):
Q: Are there plans for new All-Star books?
A: Yes.

Q: Is All-Star Wonder Woman on the way?
A: See previous question.

Finally, a favorite panel from Grant Morrison's run on Animal Man (#23; 1990). The issue is titled "Crisis," and the story involves the Psycho-Pirate's efforts to bring back the multiverse.

On page four, Psycho-Pirate explains to a resurrected Ultraman: You didn't die. Nothing really dies. You were right here. In my head all the time. I'm the only one who remembered the way it was before. And now you're back. You're all coming back.

Giving new meanings to the often joined words "Amazon" and "sister," here's a glimpse of an alternate reality Wonder Woman:

(And that's one funky Green Lantern, too.)

Being an optimist, I'm hoping that this Wonder Woman will also make an appearance in one of the remaining issues of Infinite Crisis.

Lol - oh geez, I hope not ;)
You're right, N., I take back what I said. 'Cause I honestly don't know what'd be more painful: how they'd explain what she's doing in the comic in the first place, or how they'd dispense with her when her appearance was finished.
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