Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bin Diving

I stopped in at a comic shop that I don't normally frequent this weekend, and was pleased to find that they have five massive 25c bins. I only had time to make my way through three of them, and those were filled with good stuff.

I made off with:
Alias, nos. 4, 11, 13 & 15.
Animal Man nos. 23 & 25
Artemis Requiem #3.
Avengers #73, "The Search for She-Hulk," part 2 (penned by G. Johns).
Doom Patrol #13 (pencilled by Seth Fisher).
The Question, nos. 2, 3, and 5 (of 6).
Suicide Squad, #50 (There's a zombie thing going on.)
Zatanna: Come Together #3-4 (of 4).

I was especially delighted to find the issues from Grant Morrison's Animal Man run, and the stray Doom Patrol issue with Seth Fisher as "Guest Artist." As I added them to my pile, I thought to myself:

Sweet Fancy Moses, what's the world coming to! These three comics should be kept in climate-controlled glass cases protected by armed guards, not tossed into 25c bins.

Aside from the images made available around the web when Seth Fisher's death was announced, I was not familiar with his work. I'm happy to say that I am now. Doom Patrol #13 is a visual delight (and the writing by John Arcudi is nice, too.)

Here's my favorite page:

All I can do is repeat what's been said: Seth Fisher was a very talented young artist who died much too soon.

The issue provides a compressed history of the original DP in four panels (take that, All Star Superman!), and things really get interesting when the new members of the patrol (slackers all) find themselves inexplicably inhabiting the bodies of the old, long-gone members while the Brotherhood of Evil is pissed that they have failed to respond to their demands (which were never received in the first place).

Shyleen, a fashionable, avid shopper (who opened the comic by asking a teammate if her outfit made her look fat), finds herself transformed into the chief.

Kalinara, this panel is for you:

Ooo, body switching! :)
Wow - what an amazing artist. I wish I had known of his work while he was alive.
And I didn't know he was a concept artist on Myst III. Very cool.
Kalinara, I thought you'd appreciate that panel.

Nida, I "second" both of your comments.
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