Friday, February 24, 2006

Two Observations

(1) The recent issue of Wizard magazine (#174) has an intriguing quote from Ed Benes, who provides a "Wizard Sketchbook" for the new JLA. Here's a portion of Benes' annotation to his drawing of Wonder Woman: "I always try to make superheroines as beautiful as I can, but the cheesecake days are over. This is a whole new game for me--it's the JLA." (p. 50)

I'm going to add these to my phrasebook:

"It's the JLA," and, "After all, remember, this isn't the JLA."

(2) Have you noticed that a fair number of people are now referring to Infinite Crisis and Infinty Crisis? (The clerk in my comic store called it that on Wednesday, as did Rich Johnston in a recent Lying in the Gutters entry.) I think this is our nuclear/nu-cular usage issue.

It's a mixup I make repeatedly... on my part, it's because the series' title sounds so generic to me (plus what I've read has felt more like a marketing initiative than a big story, increasing that generic feel) and "Infinity" suggests generic big comic universe events (from all those Marvel Infinity yaddas... or were Marvel's events Infinite _____?)
Thanks for commenting, Lyle. You make good points. And "Infinite" Crisis just doesn't feel grammatically correct, either, does it?
I still wish it wasn't a post-Crisis will now be confusing unless someone uses "post-post Crisis" or some such nonsense. It offends my brain. :-P
It doesn't have to be that confusing. The original can still be called "post-Crisis", and this one can be called "post-IC". No confusion, if you don't want it to be. ;)
The geek in me thinks we should start calling Infinite Crisis Crisis ' (that is, Crisis Prime) in order to differentiate it from Crisis on Infinte Earths. That way we can still go on about the post-Crisis era, and we'll soon be able to talk about a post-Crisis-Prime era, too, without confusion.
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