Monday, February 13, 2006

They Weren't Kidding

From Newsarama, here's the full image of Jim Lee's cover to Infinite Crisis #5.

Man, that's nice; I like it as much as I did #1.

Two Wonder Women. The new Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and Batman looking like they're on their way to clean house. What appear to be multiple earths (forming? vibrating? colliding?) in the lower background. Maybe we'll finally find out why "infinite" is in the series' title.

In a recent interview, Geoff Johns said that Wonder Woman has some "nice moments" in IC #5. I'll be looking forward to seeing what he means by that; perhaps the issue will highlight Diana in the same way that #2 did Power Girl.

Through the deployment of advanced solicitations, cover images, and tidbits dropped in interviews and convention panels, DC has successfully ramped up my level of anticipation for the next issue of IC.

Neat cover!

I checked out your link. Damn if that Powergirl art isn't irritating. Sigh.

I really liked some of the other pencils I saw in the interview.

This "52" is something I'm just starting to hear about. I really need to find a regular comic shop before this comes out...if it hasn't already.
Hey, Nida!

I'm interested in 52, too. It's not out yet; it starts publication in May. There's a nice 52 entry at wikipedia (though be warned, there are loads of spoilers there).

DC recently announced that, since it will come out weekly, 52 will be "reasonably priced," which to them means $2.50 per copy...
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