Sunday, February 19, 2006

Recent Finds

My comic store is having a massive 25c sale right now. All I can figure is that either some collector must have recently died, or she's among the living but was in need of an infusion of quick-cash, because there are about 15 long boxes available (in addition to the usually displayed four). I was in there on Wednesday and Friday and picked up quite a bit.

Here are the highlights:

3 issues of Secret Origins:
Legion of Superheroes + Blackhawk (#6; 1973); Blue Beetle (series 2, #3, 1986); and Zatara + Zatanna (series 2, #27, 1988).

In preparation for Gail Simone's taking over the writing duties on Gen13, I bought about 10 odd issues. The pick of the group is a toss-up between a "bootleg" issue scripted by Terry Moore, and a 3-D issue that includes viewing glasses. (Staring at the 3-D pages without donning the glasses will pretty much trigger aphasia; don't ask me how I know this, because it's slipped my mind.)

And finally, a comic with sentimental value:

I first bought a copy of David Boswell's Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman in Greenwich Village shop in 1986; the place no longer exists, of course. My wife and I picked it out on a whim, thinking it might prove interesting. Man, we were recently married that year, and, as you might imagine, several books, magazines, and objects that we acquired together at that time have had a particular importance added to them. This book is in that class--even moreso because several years after buying them, I loaned issues #1 and #2 to someone I worked with who never returned them to me before I left the job. So at least that tear in the fabric of space-time has now been sewn shut, and I'm pleased to report that when I showed the issues to my wife on Wednesday evening, she immediately recognized their importance.

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