Tuesday, February 28, 2006


On Cartooning and Freedom of Expression:
Tim Kreider has produced an entry to the Iranian newspaper's "Funniest Cartoon About the Holocaust" contest; it's titled "Silver Linings of the Holocaust," and has been posted at the Fantagraphics blog.

The cartoon is a marvel for several reasons: it undermines and addresses the contest's intent at the same time; it's funny; and, most importantly, it does not resort to even an ironic use of anti-semitic imagery. Kreider's commentary is well worth reading, too.

For the Science File:
No cure for the common cold or jetpacks, but modern science has finally provided humankind with breathable booze, or as the pocket-protector types like to call it, Alcohol Without Liquid (AWOL). (And my state's legislators are trying to ban it before I've had any.) Wasn't Tom Cruise's character hooked on this stuff in The Minority Report?

For the "America, What a Country" file:
Anna Nicole Smith at the Supreme Court, contesting the disposition of her late husband's estate.

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