Tuesday, February 21, 2006


David Irving is an offensive, embarrassing tool. He claims to be a historian, but his research methods do not stand up to scrutiny, his writings are inaccurate and biased, and what he produces and publishes is just not history. (I do not respect the man, and it embarrasses and shames me that he, his supporters, and the press consider him to be a historian.) Having said that, I'm not certain that he should be consigned to an Austrian prison for 3 years for being an inaccurate, contemptible, speechifying, revisionist, Holocaust-denying jerk.

The Supreme Court says: "Bring it."

Finally, two for the X-File:
(1) This is just too weird: a parasite which has been shown to alter a rat's behavior inhabits half of the planet's human population.

(2) Two words: black oil.

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