Saturday, February 11, 2006

Morrison Speaks

From the Architects of the DCU panel at the WonderCon, additional evidence of Grant Morrison's acuity:
Continuing on the thread about how the stories will be told in the DCU following Crisis, Morrison said that, in his view, the DC Universe is a virtual reality – its own world with its own rules, and people who live there that is as real as ours. With that in mind, Morrison said, you can’t go into the DCU and "smash things up," but rather are constrained by the fact that these are real people and real characters, and, as a creator, you can't make them not them. Rather than finding this a hindrance, Morrison said, he finds it a fascinating way to write – telling the stories about people he sees, as real, rather than fictional constructs that can be bent and twisted at any whim, and made to act in ways they would never act. To put a point on his view, Morrison said that, as he sees it, the DCU is a planet and we are observers. The work of the creators in Countdown through Infinite Crisis and 52, Morrison said, has been to increase the focus by which we view it – sharpening the image to a degree that hasn’t been seen before, allowing clear views of characters as well as their larger world.

Updates (2.11.06; 7:15PM):
(1) At WonderCon's DCU 2006: The Best is To Come panel, it was announced that Morrison will be writing Batman, following James Robinson's eight story arc. "Morrison said that he’s already plotted 15 issues, and in his first issue alone, he has 15 ninja man-bats as well as Talia, and the story is called 'Batman & Son'. Morrison said Batman coming out of 52 OYL will be a more of a 'fun guy, more healthy', more like the 'Neal Adams, hairy-chested, love-god" version of Batman.'"

(2) Morrison's comment about the DCU as a pre-existing virtual world makes me wonder if he's been reading the Soviet literary theorist M.M. Bakhtin, specifically the author's elucidation of the concept of the chronotope.

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