Monday, February 20, 2006

DC vs. Marvel, Explained

As I've been gathering my thoughts about the Bendis/Luna Brothers Spider-Woman: Origin mini-series for a review, I remembered that there had been quite a bit said about Jessica Drew in several recent issues of Wizard magazine. Always a good idea to have stuff like this within reach, right?

#172 contains the "2006 Preview," and item #9 is a handy write-up on Spider-Woman, providing 5 easy-to-remember reasons why she's poised to become the "biggest female character ever." (This phrase works best, of course, when said in the Simpsons' Comic-Book-Store-Guy's voice.)

I won't tiresomely quote the entire essay, though it's a model of a sort, and is worth consulting in its entirety. It's reason #2 that I'm interested in, here. So, in case you were wondering what really sets DC and Marvel apart on a deep, structural, (even) meta-physical level, here's Brian Michael Bendis to help you out:
"Wonder Woman won't sleep with you--but you have a shot with Jessica," says Bendis. "You're not waiting in line behind Superman." (p. 77)

Man, I'm glad that someone finally sorted this out for me. (And, it'll surely help when I write my review.) Actually, here's my real reaction upon reading this (in acronyms, no less): WTF, BMB?

Finally, though not exactly on topic, proof that those scamps at Wizard work hard at getting their picture captions just right, too!

Honestly, I've never considered whether a two-dimensional construction of paper and ink would sleep with me, or if I'd have to wait in line behind another two-dimensional construction before doing so.

Honestly. I get what he's trying to say I think, but there are so many ways to have said it that doesn't involve being a total tool.
Hey, Kalinara!

Yeah, this was a really poor choice of phrasing on BMB's part; you'd expect more from someone who writes for a living.
Umm.. Have you read what he writes for a living?

Not surprised at all.
Good point, R. I 've been meaning to revisit Alias, just to see if it holds up for me; it's the one title of his that I've liked. (However, perhaps I should have left off reading this until after I had done so.)
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