Saturday, February 11, 2006

Che Says: Two, Three, Many Wonder Womans!

More from the WonderCon:
When the question was asked about the Golden Age Wonder Woman surviving the end of the original Crisis, and if she would be returning or playing a role in the coming issues of Infinite Crisis, Waid called the questioner up to the podium, thanked him, and paid him a dollar.

The image is from Crisis on Infinite Earths #11.

Yeah, but which one will end up with Io? ;)

btw, I really don't like George Perez's art (the Crisis panel reminded me). I think that makes me a heretic.
Nida, I'm heretical on Perez, too. (I shocked the clerk at my comic store by asking that she replace the Perez-covered Infinite Crisis #1 she had pulled for me with Lee's.) GP's style is iconic: it's immediately recognizable and conjures up a time period, but he's not a favorite of mine.

Who ends up with Io? I suppose that, being Amazons, the outcome would be decided by some kind of contest. :)

By the way, your line about Io reminded me that I hadn't responded to a comment you left at my review of WW 255.

You said:

I've been thinking more of Rucka's run. I wonder what DC was thinking by hinting at Diana's relationship with Io. I'm just shocked that it made it past the editors and publishers of DC.

I was excited to see it, and didn't see it as subtle at all. Rucka did such a good job presenting the story with honesty and respect.

As I've said, I've recently returned to regular comic-reading; aside from the last six or so issues, I've only read parts of Rucka's run in TPBs. So I have to admit that I'm not fully aware of how he has developed the Diana-Io relationship: has it been ambiguous and open to interpretation, or fairly obvious?

The Diana-Aphrodite "broken heart" exchange in #225 seemed like an unambiguous statement, though I suppose if someone really wanted to, they could interpret this in some other way.
Lol, it would most likely be a contest! haha.

I've also read Rucka's run in TPBs (I'm recently back into comics also). I think the relationship has been handled in a way to allow those who are offended by such things to think it is merely a platonic friendship. Diana does not act the way she does with Io with anyone else. She kisses Io on the cheek, expresses horror that she is hurt, watches her walk away for almost a whole page (after spending pages in idle conversation!), and stays by her side the entire night when she is injured. To me, the only subtle aspects of this relationship come from the fact it is in a comic, and must behave in such a manner to appeal to the widest demographic.

Many people have suggested they are just friends. If that's so then Io is her only friend - lol.
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