Wednesday, January 25, 2006


(1) The sequel just won't be quite be the same for me, now.

CREATIVE GENIUS: John Lasseter, of Pixar Animation Studios, is pictured at the premiere of the film "The Incredibles" in Hollywood in October 2004. The Walt Disney Co. has agreed to acquire Pixar Animation Studios in an all-stock transaction worth $7.4 billion.
(Fred Prouser/Reuters)

(2) Michael Jackson, center, wearing a traditional Arabic women's veil and all-covering gown called an abaya, holds the hand of one of his children, also veiled, as they walk toward his car on Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2006, behind a Manama, Bahrain, shopping mall. Jackson is a reclusive resident of the Gulf island country since being cleared of child molestation charges. (AP Photo/Hasan Jamali) The complete AP report is here.

If you'd like to know one of the reasons why Jackson apparently moved there, this might help explain why.

It's a real shame Michael Jackson was aquitted. He should go to jail for his crime, and his music and other works should be boycotted.
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