Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Recently acquired:
Emrys Jones, The New Oxford Book of Sixteenth-Century Verse, (OUP, 1991).
Rand McNally, The International Atlas, (Rand McNally, 1969).
A. Spiegelman and C. Kidd, Jack Cole and Plastic Man: Forms Stretched to their Limits, (Chronicle Books, 2001).
Anne Bonney and Blackbeard action figures

Recently announced:
Spider-Girl will cease publication after #100.

Arriving tomorrow:
All Star Superman #2
Birds of Prey #90
Infinite Crisis #4
Runaways #12
Spider Woman: Origin #2
Uncanny X-Men #468
X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #1
Spider-Girl digest volume 5

Sixteenth-century verse, eh? I'm curious as to what kind of history you practice (being that I'll probably be a practicing historian myself one of these days).
Hey, diamondrock. In my case, I'm hoping that practice does makes one (more) perfect.

I work on European-indigenous interactions in the Americas between the years 1500-1750. I study and teach about how indigenous peoples and Africans were incorporated into the complex colonial societies forged by the Spanish and English.

I've got a general interest in the art and culture of the time period, (hence the 16C English verse).

Good to hear that you're planning to join the ranks. What are your interests?
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