Monday, January 30, 2006

For Museum Walls

An all-Marvel edition.

These stunning panels should convince even
the most stubborn doubter that comics are a
valid artform.

Jessica Jones and child, drawn by Michael
Gaydos. (The Pulse #13)

Who knew that the dead spent so much of
their time relaxing? Mockingbird, Gwen
Stacy, and Dead Girl, from the final splash
page of X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #1.
(Drawn by Mike Allred and Nick Dragotta.)

What can I say? Amanda Conner is simply
phenomenal. One of her three priceless
pages from The She-Hulk #3/100 extravaganza.

Frank Cho's drawing of an introspective
Jessica Drew from New Avengers #14,
colored by Jason Keith. Several reviewers
have commented upon the beauty of this image.

That last panel is especially beautiful!
Hi, Nida.

Yeah, it is. The colorist must be some kind of genius. I saw a "preview" of Cho's drawing here. (You'll need to scroll down, it's all the way down to the bottom.) I thought it was a striking image to start with, but when I saw the colored panel in the book it knocked me out of my seat.
You're right, absolutely gorgeous work on the colors - just lovely.
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