Thursday, December 22, 2005


My wife asked me for a run-down on what happened in Infinite Crisis #3 this morning. I started by telling her that I believe the writers and artists continue to move forward in an impressive fashion, and that I really meant this, even though she thinks I'm into this stuff too deep to be objective about it. Though I gave her a fairly detailed run-down of all the story points, I succeeded in doing so without (I think) leading her to doubt my sanity. Anyone who has tried to describe occurrences in a comic book that they've followed for a long time to someone who is (at best) indifferent or (at worst) hostile knows what I'm talking about, here.

I've been heartily enjoying revisiting Peter David's run on Supergirl, and especially enjoyed a moment near the close of issue 35. It's kind of a re-cap issue, aimed at bringing new readers up to speed on the character, her powers, and what's going on in general. (Something that contributors to the "letters page" had been clamoring for since issue 16 or so.) There's a lot of fairly turgid exposition, and, to be frank, the art by Leonard Kirk is not all that inspired. Nonetheless, the comic does end with a big "reveal." But, for my money, the issue is redeemed by a single memorable and nicely written passage.

Supergirl has just decisively defeated The Parasite in Paris, to the great acclaim of the locals. Here are her thoughts:
Wow. Standing in triumph on top of the arch of triumph. It just doesn't get better than this.

Cape's flapping and everything. God, I look cool.

I miss PAD's Supergirl.
Yeah, I do, too. She was such a great character. We can only hope that Jeph Loeb's recently reintroduced Kara grows to be half as interesting.
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