Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Man-Ape Hybrid Soldiers

1926. It was a dangerous world. A nascent Soviet state beset by internal and external enemies bent upon its destruction. Consequently, Stalin and the Politburo requested an army of super-strong, hunger-resistant, easy to mass-produce man-ape killing machines from the Soviet Academy of Sciences.

The details are available here.

You see, comic books are not that far from reality.

(Via Wonkette.)

Actually, I saw that story on the news at work and was thinking what an awesome comic book it would make.
When I read the article I immediately thought of the recent Witchblade anniversary issue, which has a nice segment (drawn by Darwyn Cooke) depicting a witchblade-empowered Soviet woman kicking Nazi-ass at the battle of Stalingrad.
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