Friday, February 17, 2006


Uncle Junior: What are you looking at?
Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri: I'm in awe of you.--From The Sopranos.
Earlier in the week, there was Zhang Dan, the pairs figure skater who suffered a fall that was painful to watch, returned to the ice, and finished out the routine to win a silver medal.

A few days later, Lindsey Kildow competed in the women's downhill after being recently discharged from the hospital, where she had been treated for the effects of serious fall.

This article deals with two women basketball players, Danielle Green and Dawn Halfaker, who unite excellence in sports and grace under extremely difficult circumstances (it appeared in April of 2005). The two women each suffered (sports) career-ending, disabling wounds in Iraq.

Finally, a favorite panel from Darwyn Cooke's issue of Solo (#5; August 2005). Slam Bradley has blundered into a my-scar-is-better contest that he should have avoided:

I like the way Cooke subverts the I'll show-you-my-bra iconography, here.

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